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What To Do About Ants On Your Granada Hills Property


When ants invade your Granada Hills property, your immediate reaction is to get this pest out as soon as possible. Proper ant control in Granada Hills depends on learning how to get rid of ants with natural prevention tips and investing in the best pest control for ants in the area; Johnny Rat Pest Control.

The Types Of Ants That Invade Granada Hills Properties

There are several types of ants in Granada Hills that may invade your property. Effective ant control considers all of these kinds of ants and works to identify the culprit behind your infestation, as this is what makes for helpful ant control in your house and ant control in your yard.

  • Argentine ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Fire ants

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your Granada Hills Property

While most ants are no more than annoying pests to deal with on your property, a few of the ant species that commonly invade your home can pose significant dangers. To start with, all ants may bite and trigger itchiness or allergic reactions in certain situations. Fire ants especially are dangerous to encounter due to their aggressive nature, painful stings, and tendency to swarm on an individual that comes into contact with their nest.

All ants can also contaminate food storage areas, resulting in illness or food waste. Carpenter ants may tunnel into your home, leaving behind significant damage and the potential for costly repairs. Pharaoh ants are known for spreading pathogens and bacteria through your home, increasing your risk for significant disease.

These dangers are why proper ant control in your house and ant control in your yard are essential in protecting yourself and those in your home from all types of pests.

The Best Way To Protect Your Granada Hills Home From Ants

The best way to protect your Granada Hills home from ants is to invest in the best pest control for ants in the area; Johnny Rat Pest Control. The professionals at Johnny Rat Pest Control are highly trained in effective ant control and will quickly identify any ant species you are battling on your property. With the help of their targeted, safe solutions, your home can be utterly free of ant infestations and protected year after year.

Reach out to Johnny Rat Pest Control today for the best ant control in Granada Hills.

Five Natural Ways To Keep Ants Away From Your Granada Hills Property

If you want to know how to get rid of ants naturally, the following prevention tips can help keep these pests far away from your property:

  • Seal up potential entry points around your home, paying particular attention to the cracks in windows, doors, and your home’s foundation. Invest in study window and door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps. Also, keep exterior doors and windows closed as often as possible.
  • Ensure that all leftover food is stored correctly, and consider investing in airtight containers for your pantry. Always seal up trash tightly and dispose of it promptly and clean up food and drink spills as soon as possible. 
  • Fix up leaks around your property and address any areas of excess moisture. Ants gravitate to easy water sources.
  • Declutter your home and vacuum often to make the area less hospitable to ants. Keep your yard clear of debris and the grass low to reduce outdoor ant hiding spots.
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