Can I Treat My Granada Hills Home For Termites Myself?


Termite treatments are essential if you want to eliminate an active infestation of these pests from your home. However, certain do-it-yourself (DIY) termite treatments are hit or miss (usually miss.) That's where professional Granada Hills pest control comes in; our experts will be able to eliminate the termite infestation, no matter the size or severity.

Can I Treat My House For Termites Myself?

When treating your house for termites, it may be possible to put into place specific DIY termite treatments and home remedies to address the problem yourself. However, these treatments can often be less than adequate as it can be hard to track down exactly where termites are hiding in and around your home. Additionally, termites will often infest very hard-to-reach areas that only professionals will have the skill and proper tools to reach. 

It is a much better idea to reach out to the experts at Johnny Rat Pest Control at the first sign of termites inside your house, to control the damage and spread of termites.

Is It Possible To Fully Get Rid Of Termites?

It is possible to fully get rid of termites as long as you get professional termite treatments and put into place prevention tactics to stop termites from infiltrating your home once again. Listed below are some termite prevention steps that you should put into place as soon as the professionals have completed termite treatments.

  • Reducing soil to wood contact around your home is essential to keep this pest away. Place barriers between your yard's soil and your home's foundation to make it more difficult for termites to infiltrate.
  • Address moisture issues and fix leaks around your home that may cause damp or damaged wood; these areas encourage termite infestation.
  • Clear your yard of debris like fallen branches and tree stumps. Also, store firewood far away from your home on an elevated surface.
  • Seal gaps or cracks around your home to prevent termites from easily invading the wooden structures.

Taking these steps can help protect your property against future termite infestations. If you suspect that termites have returned to your property, schedule an inspection with a local termite company.

What Kind Of Damage Can Termites Cause?

A termite problem can lead to significant damage on your Granada Hills property due to this pest's small size and the fact that most infestations go unnoticed until serious damage has occurred. When left untreated, a termite infestation may even lead to structural collapse, which can be incredibly dangerous. Here are some types of damage termites may cause:

  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Sinking floors or wooden floors that break easily
  • Collapsing walls or hollow-sounding walls
  • Peeling or bubbling paint
  • Wood that appears damp or damaged, or wood that breaks away easily when touched
  • The collapse of wooden structures in severe cases 

In order to mitigate the damage caused by termites, it's important to start termite control as soon as you become aware of the problem.

The Trick To Permanently Getting Rid Of Termites In Granada Hills

For permanent termite removal, your best option is to reach out to the termite specialists for your Granada Hills property. The pest control experts at Johnny Rat Pest Control will be able to identify termite problem areas and the scale of the infestation. With this information, the professionals will craft customized treatment plans that will effectively eliminate this pest from your home and property.

Instead of wasting time and money on DIY methods, contact Johnny Rat Pest Control to stop termites and the damage they may cause.

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