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Rodent Control In Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita, CA Rodent Control

Having mice and rats in your Santa Clarita house or office is dangerous and unhealthy. These uninvited guests dig their way into local properties, searching for food and shelter. They leave chew marks and excrement around the premises and cause widespread contamination. Not only do rodents compromise your health and well-being, but they also pose a real safety threat. They can cause serious property damage and even chew on electrical wiring, leading to fires.

No matter which way you spin it, the occurrence of rodent infestation is a real nightmare, and it’s not something you want to deal with on your own. That’s why the team at Johnny Rat Pest Control is here to help.

Treating A Rodent Infestation In Santa Clarita Homes And Businesses

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Johnny Rat Pest Control is here to help you with all your rodent problems, guaranteed. We deal with all kinds of local area rodents; some of the most common are Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. Our rodent control process includes the following:

  • The first thing we do is perform a complete inspection of your space to accurately trace all signs of an infestation.
  • Our experienced group of skilled and knowledgeable technicians identifies the extent of your rodent problem and then offers you the best solution available.
  • We customize a treatment approach to meet your needs, fixing broken entry points and addressing conducive conditions that let these invaders into your home in the first place.
  • We offer recommendations to make sure you keep rodents away all year long, and we offer a one-year warranty on all our rodent repairs.
  • Though the rodent community does not love us, we still treat these invaders with respect, using humane removal methods to eliminate rodent populations on your property.


We work hard to keep household pets completely safe and sound during our rodent control services. We have our technicians follow certain directives to prepare the area for treatment:

  • We remove all your pet’s belongings from treatment areas, including food and water bowls, toys, and bedding. These items are kept away from the treatment area until it dries completely. 
  • Although the chemicals we use for treatment are completely safe for pets, we make sure to keep your pets in a different room while technicians do their work. 
  • Our goal is to provide the best protection for your four-legged friends, which is why cover any cages or fish tanks, and do everything possible to keep your household pets, big and small, protected from our treatment methods.
  • We urge our customers to avoid DIY rodent treatments, as these at-home rodent control efforts can harm your household pets. It’s always best to use a professional pest control service.

Rodents Stand No Chance With Johnny Rat Pest Control

We treat both homes and businesses with complete rodent control and prevention services; however, our team specializes in commercial rodent control. We have a lot of experience dealing with large-scale rodent problems and difficult rat infestation issues. Some of the businesses we’ve worked with include office buildings, warehouses, government buildings, private schools, apartments, and restaurants.

Whatever kind of rodent problem you’re up against, we’re here to help you. We are a family owned and operated pest control company that has serviced local homes and businesses since 2007. We strive to keep our community protected from rodent infestations. Get in touch with us today to discuss your rodent control and prevention needs in the greater Santa Clarita area, and we will schedule your initial inspection as soon as possible.

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